About Us

Large or small we are here to help!

Founded in 2002, KLT Industries provides national and local waste and recycling services to small businesses and retail stores as well as distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing centers. Whether your business has one location or thousands, KLT Industries has the knowledge, courtesy, experience, and capabilities necessary to drive cost savings and profitable recycling solutions.

We offer the following collection and containment options for recyclables and MSW:

  • Self-contained and stationary compactors with custom installations to suite any application
  • Baling equipment for plastic, paper, and cardboard materials
  • 53′ closed trailers for storage or live loading of recyclable materials or damaged/unsaleable product
  • Flat bed or trailer truck service for bale pick-up
  • 15, 20, 30, 40 yard open top containers for new construction, demolition, general waste, and loose recyclable collection
  • Tote acquisition and pick-up
  • 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 yard front load dumpsters for collecting recyclable materials and general waste
  • Pick-up and processing of electronic waste including monitors, processors, and scanning equipment


KLT Industries and regulatory scanning:

KLT Industries has got you covered! We provide assurance that all local, state, and federal laws are being followed with regard to the disposal of solid waste and processing of recyclable materials. We frequently scan the regulatory environment to ensure that customer operations are legal, safe, and do not pose any threat to local, national, or foreign ecology. KLT Industries’ staff frequents national and local waste and recycling conferences/meetings to stay up to date on policies that may impact your operations.


KLT Industries and the environment:

KLT Industries recycles a 1/2 billion pounds of cardboard, paper, plastic, metals, organics, and damaged or unsaleable goods on annual basis. We continually invest in our operations to ensure efficiency and minimal environmental impact in the collection and processing of MSW and recyclable materials. Our trucks are outfitted with GPS monitoring, materials tracking, and live diagnostic reporting systems that benefit the customer, dispatch, and KLT’s maintenance staff. GPS tracking allows dispatch to quickly respond to customer haul requests by identifying the most efficient routes to achieve expedient resonse times. Live diagnostic reporting helps support KLT’s maintenance team’s objectives to keep vehicles operating at optimal levels.


KLT Industries supports your company’s charitable giving:

KLT Industries’ Green Angels is our way of supporting the philanthropic goals of our customers. Donations are made to charitable organizations based upon the amount of recycled materials KLT processes for their customers.The goal of Green Angels is to help facilitate quarterly contributions as a reward for our customer’s recycling efforts. Donations can be made to one of four charities Green Angels currently works with or a charity of your company’s chosing. Give back today with Green Angels and KLT Industries!