Unsaleable or Damaged Goods

KLT Industries provides customized solutions for handling damaged or unsaleable goods that require disposal or recycling. KLT offers open-tops, flatbed trucking, and drop trailers for goods that are unfit to be sold, discontinued, or otherwise damaged in handling. Per our customer’s request, we can provide certificate of destruction and chain of custody documentation to ensure goods are safely and securely recycled or destroyed. Continue reading


KLT Industries provides customized solutions for metal recycling that are both easy to implement and profitable (depending on market conditions). KLT offers open-tops or drop trailers for mixed or segregated metal loads. We utilize the most competitive market channels to ensure that material is processed locally and at the highest possible yield per ton. Continue reading


Return your organic waste back to the earth with KLT Industries’ organics recycling programs.

Recycling organics is good for the earth and good for your company’s bottom-line too. KLT Industries can help your company reduce solid waste by collecting and composting/rendering your organic waste. Continue reading

Quiet Logistics Expands Recycling Partnership with KLT Industries

Quiet Logistics of Devens, MA, has finalized the last component of a comprehensive recycling program by installing a baling machine for plastics recycling. KLT Industries of Ayer, MA has continually monitored improvement opportunities in Quiet Logistics’ waste stream for the past year and suggested the baler as a more efficient method to handle plastics recycling. Continue reading