In addition to cardboard, we are proficient in processing and recycling all grades of paper from commercial printers, packaging manufacturers, industrial printers and specialty paper manufacturers.

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KLT Industries will help you identify and recover all types of pre and post-consumer plastics. KLT has the knowledge and resources to be able to responsibly recycle any type of plastic that may be a by-product of your manufacturing or distribution process.

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KLT Industries Reveals What Makes The Company A Key Player In The Community

In an interview with Business Review USA, Kyle Trayner owner and president of KLT Industries, discusses how the company is an advocate for supporting the local community.

KLT Industries employs people from the local community and delivers paper to local mills, which fuels their manufacturing process and meets the demand their customers have for recycled fibers. “We have had relationships for 20 plus years with local mills that we have very long standing supply relationships with,” Trayner says in the interview.

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Dumpster Services

KLT provides all sorts and sizes of dumpsters with 2,4,6,8, & 10 yard capacities for all your recycling and waste disposal needs. We offer exclusive containers for cardboard, paper, plastic, tin, and aluminum and can custom tailor our dumpster service to your waste and recycling needs.

Baling Services

KLT will finance baling equipment for commercial clients where compactors are not feasible or desired. Our expert staff can help you determine whether baling is an appropriate option for your paper, plastic, or cardboard recycling needs. Our trucking and logistics teams are experts at safely and efficiently picking up your bales with our flat bed trailer services. Continue reading

Compactor Services

KLT offers compactor equipment for all your waste and recycling needs and encourages their use in commercial applications where dumpsters are not an economical option.

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Open Top Container Services

We offer 15, 20, 30 & 40 yard containers for general waste, recycling, and demolition that can be rented for temporary or long-term applications. Open top containers are encouraged for clean-outs, construction debris, and commercial use where compactors and dumpsters are not practical or economical.