KLT Industries, Inc. Founder Gets “Locked-Up” For A Good Cause

Kyle Trayner, Founder of KLT Industries, Inc. participated in the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s (MDA) annual Lock-Up in Connecticut. During his hour long lock-up, Trayner and KLT Industries were able to donate hundreds of dollars to MDA.

Trayner, along with 100 other area business leaders, were jailed at J.D. Cooper’s in Putnam, CT.  Participants, or jailbirds, were “arrested” by local firefighters and police officers and taken to serve their time in a mock jail cell. Representatives of local area businesses, agencies and organizations raise “bail” for the Lock-Up by asking for donations. Upon arrival, jailbirds will have a mug shot taken and, in order to buy their freedom, they have to raise their “bail” by networking with associates, friends and family.
Afterwards, participants enjoyed food and beverages while donations continued to pour in. MDA hoped to raise $25,000 during the lock-up with all proceeds from the event to help support many MDA services and research programs, as well as equipment, transportation services, summer camps, support groups and local clinics. “We are honored to be a part of MDA’s fundraising efforts,” said Kyle Trayner, Founder of KLT Industries, Inc.