KLT Industries, Inc. Launches New Program To Raise Money For Local Charities

KLT Industries, Inc. announced today the official launch of their new program, Green Angels, which will help raise money for local charities with the help of national and regional commercial businesses.

The mission of the Green Angels program is to raise funds for designated charities by assisting commercial businesses with their recycling needs. In a collaborated effort between KLT and their recycling customers, thousands of dollars will be donated each year to the ASPCA, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Work Vessels for Veterans.

The amount that is donated is determined by the weight of the customers’ recycling and a percentage is then given to the charity of their choice. Contributions are made quarterly in the customers’ name and, in return, KLT will provide them with a detailed synopsis on how much was donated and how much they generated in recyclables.

“We are excited to be working closely with our customers on Green Angels,” said Kyle Trayner, Founder of KLT Industries, Inc. “We hope to contribute a lot of money to these four wonderful charitable foundations and to aid them through our continued efforts in our program.”

The Green Angels program is set up to not only raise funds for local charities in need on a continuous basis but to also encourage current and future customers to recycle more and send less trash to landfills. KLT will be announcing shortly the first businesses to participate in Green Angels.