LEED Compliance Reporting
KLT can provide documentation satisfying LEED credit compliance for any project’s demolition and recycling needs. Our LEED AP staff can help you achieve maximum credits for existing buildings or new construction projects and also provide the necessary support for establishing environmentally responsible waste and recycling programs post-occupancy.

Green House Gas Emissions
Through our efficient operations and creative recycling programs, KLT can substantially lower your environmental impact. We have the in-house capacity to provide documentation for large and small businesses highlighting the reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions as result of diverting recyclables from landfill. We can also provide comparative studies highlighting before and after scenarios to showcase the positive impact of your business’ recycling activities.

Corporate Sustainability Programs
KLT’s services can compliment your current corporate sustainability program to ensure maximum financial and positive environmental return for your waste and recycling efforts. We have in-house software programs to provide any related or required documentation for public relations or internal reporting purposes.

If your company doesn’t currently have a sustainability policy KLT can provide a proven framework that is effective across all industries. Sustainability programs ensure solid financial return through better managing your waste and recycling stream while minimizing your environmental impact.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
KLT Industries can support your ISO 14001 conformity through our rigorous waste and recycling tracking systems. KLT prides itself on having the most efficient recycling and waste collection systems and can easily compliment any ISO 14001 Environmental Management System regardless of your respective industry. ISO 14001 prescriptive measures require continuous improvement and impeccable attention to quality driven outputs. At KLT quality is paramount and our fundamental governing values include the drivers for ISO 14001 compliance.